Very Easy 2 Shawl Knitting Pattern

Hi !,

Whilst speaking a few knitting pattern, a few friends around me say we do not understand knitting so smartly.

This recipe doesn’t recognize knitting so smartly however we’re additionally hand labored. come to my buddies who say now we have something.


Kartopu Janjan hand knitting yarn 6 mm skewer


Black Scarf

1) We knit stitches.

2) We knit until we’ve got knitted haha ​​as much as A HUNDRED AND SIXTY cm.

3) We minimize out all loops.

you can make fringes from the ends of your individual rope otherwise you can purchase ready-made fringes if you happen to need.





Brown Triangle Scarf

1) We Commence our knitting by throwing 20 loops in our bottle .

2) We knit harosha knitting till now we have a complete of ONE HUNDRED FORTY stitches by increasing 1 sew on each side. 60 rows of knitting shall be knitted.

THREE) We end by slicing all of the loops.

We fringe on all sides.





Health in your hand!


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