Summer Supla Bag Making

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Remaining 12 months we introduced you a summer bag style made with straw tops, that’s very popular.

if you happen to need to make straw bags for you in 1 hour, this recipe is for you!

you’ll start knitting in an instant by utilizing wicker tops that you can find all over.


Aspect Piece

1. 20 chains are drawn, 1 needle is made to each chain.

2. 1 chain is pulled as much as the highest row, 1 sew is made to every loop.

2nd row is repeated for ONE HUNDRED TWENTY rows. stitches are blended by means of stitching.


Stalks (2 pieces)

1. 6 chains are drawn, 5 Ranging From the chain, 1 widespread needle is made to every chain.

2. 1 chain is pulled to the highest row, 1 loop is made to every loop.

3.  2d row is repeated until it reaches the required period.

in the bag in the image, widespread needles were made for 60 rows.

Well Being on your hand!

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