Flower Summer Mesh Bag Making

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We from time to time find it tricky to search out suitable colors and bags for our clothes during the summer season months.

but when we will be able to knit, how is it possible to search out a solution?

you’ll be able to get started by means of figuring out the style you’ll knit first.

Then settle on the color and crochet you want.

I knit my bag with the video under with a cream-coloured cotton macrame thread. you’ll also paintings in colour in case you want. it’s up to your taste.

Come on now how we knit this floral bag.

The video below might be helpful to you ..

I want you a fair knitting.

Fabrics SpaghettiYarn Cotton Macrame hand knitting threads5 mm crochet

Video Making

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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