Amigurumi Baby Dress Red Cape Making

Hello ,

Are you in search of accessories for your dolls?

So how a few pink cloak?

This recipe is considered one of my favourite fairy tales ” Red According To “The Lady with the Hood”.

My recipe was written most commonly for folks who made their very own fairy story.

shall we start then?


1 pieces Snowball Baby Herbal Red (K125) color ip3 mm skewer 3 mm crochet needle


Note: Recipe is acceptable for babies 25 cm. you’ll increase or lower the numbers on your young children.

1) Bottle 15 stitches.

2) 60 rows of 3 loops We knit harosha with 12 loops as flat knit and cut all of the loops. We take the bottle through removing 30 loops from the fast facets.

5) We knit 20 rows, THREE loops are knitted, 24 loops are flat and 3 loops are knitted again.

6) We knit 30 loops for six rows as knits and lower all the loops.

Middle (2 items)

THREE chains inside of Sh and a pair of triple handrails, THREE t We make ane double handrails, pull 1 chain, make 1 triple handrail, pull 1 chain, make THREE double handrails, 2 triple handrails and mix it with loop sewing into the hoop.

We cross the rope within the center of the hearts with the assistance of a needle. < /

Such an adjunct on your babies it is that simple to do!

May or not it’s simple for you all!

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