Amigurumi Beanie Brooch Making

Winter has come!

The berets have surfaced!

we will be able to do the beret in a distinct means as of late. in place of dressed in in your head, we can knit a beret brooch that you just can put on for your bag, blouse, jacket!

Let’s get started!


1 piece L. A. Mia Silky Inexperienced (L024) color ip2.5 mm crochet needle software or hook needle


1) First we pull 15 chains.

2) 14 We knit from the chain to the end of the row as one common needle to every loop from the loop. > on this means, we proceed to knit in entrance of the loops for 15 rows.

4) We finish after knitting 15 rows. We mix it from the sides, make it on the best with a needle, pull it and contract it.

Your beret is about. you can either curl up the ends and use able-made pompoms or stitch the pompom you have got made your self. symbol

Pleasant weaves.

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