Amigurumi Buckle Rabbit Rattle Making

Hi buddies!

How approximately knitting a rabbit rattle so we can be your kids’ new loved one together?

you can end this gorgeous rabbit in a short time and provides it in your kid.

Let’s get started !


Smc Catania hand knitting threads
White (00106) colour thread
Yellow (00403) colour threadPink embroidery thread2.1 mm crochet6 mm locked eye Fiber Needle70 mm picket ring


Sh : Magic ring

X : frequent needle

V : Increase

A : Decrease

DC : Double handrail

 Z: Zincir



We knit with white colour thread. We fill intermediate fibers.

1) Sh 6X

2) (V) * 6 (12X)

THREE) (1X, 1V) * 6 (18X)

4) (2X, 1V) * 6 (24X)

FIVE) (3X, 1V) * 6 (30X)

6) (4X, 1V) * 6 (36X )

7) (5X, 1V) * 6 (42X)

8) (13X, 1V) * 3 (45X)

9-17) 45X

12-13. we wear locked eyes with 8x space between the rows.

18) (13X, 1A) * THREE (42X)

19) (5X, 1A) * 6 (36X)

20) (4X, 1A) * 6 (30X)

21)   (3X, 1A) * 6 (24X)

22) (2X, 1A) * 6 (18X)

23 ) (1X, 1A) * 6 (12X)

24) (1A) * 6 (6X)

With red embroidery thread we process the nose.


We knit with white thread.

1) Sh 6X (6X)

2) (1X, 1V) * 3 (9X)

3) 9X

4) (2X, 1V) * THREE (12X)

FIVE) (3X, 1V) * THREE (15X)

6) (4X, 1V) * THREE (18X)

 7-16) 18X

Above The Ring

We knit with a white thread.

1) We pull 28 chains. We make DC to chain 3. Then we knit each and every chain with 1DC total 26DC. (26)

2-4) 26DC (26)

5) 26X (26)

We wrap it across the ring and tie it together.


We knit with a yellow thread.

1) We draw 22 chains. Through pulling 1 more chain, we make the twenty second chain common needles. We knit with a complete of 22X. (22X)

2) We cross up to the top through pulling 2 chains. We make the first needle 1DC and pull 1 chain. We do 1DC and 1Z in the related position. We skipped 1 needle and end the whole row through making 1DC, 1Z, 1DC, 1Z to the other. There must be a total of eleven windows. (12DC)

3) We move as much as the highest through pulling 2 chains. We make 5DC throughout the window and fix it with 1 frequent needle into the gap in among. We proceed with 5DC 1x and end the entire row.



We knit with a yellow thread.

1) We make sh and we pull THREE chains.

2) Make 3DC into Sh. We pull THREE chains and make 1X into Sh, make 3Z, 3DC, 3Z, 1X again and tighten the hoop rope.

Our rabbit rattle is ready!


Health for your fingers!

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