Amigurumi Carrot Pencil Holder Making

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Gazzal Child Cotton hand knitting threads;
1 Orange (3419) color thread
1 White (3432) colour thread
1 Green (3448) colour ip2 mm crochet6 mm amigurumi eye4 tiny beads Black etamine thread for processing


Sh: Magic ring

X: Common needle

V: Increment

A: Decrement

Time: Chain

(…) *: Repeat as many because the quantity it says

Tr: Triple handrail

Trv: 2 triple handrails within the similar hole



We knit with orange thread.

1) 6x into Shp

2) 6v = 12x

3-4)  12x

FIVE) (1x, 1v) * 6 = 18x

6-7) 18x

8) (2x, 1v) * 6 = 24x

9-10) 24x

11) (3x, 1v ) * 6 = 30x

12-13) 30x

14) (4x, 1v) * 6 = 36x

15-16) 36x

17) (5x, 1v) * 6 = 42x

18-55) 42x

Leaf Segment

We restore the golf green thread on the carrot we duck.

1) 42trv = 84tr

2) 1tr, 1trv = 126tr

THREE-4) 126tr to the loops, respectively

We end, we lower the thread and conceal it within the knitting.


We knit with white thread.

1) 6x

2) 6v = 12x

3) (1x, 1v) * 6 = 18x

4) (2x, 1v) * 6 = 24x

5) (3x, 1v) * 6 = 30x

6) (4x, 1v) * 6 = 36x

See the eyes we wear it as in the flood.

Ears (2 items)

We knit with white colour.

1) 12zn, third zn ‘ We knit 18x ​​from the start.

And we sew the rabbit on the head.

We make the rabbit’s face treatings as within the symbol and we sew the rabbit at the carrot. h3>

We knit with green thread.

We pull 100zn and positioned the beads on each ends. We knot the ends. We cross the 2 chains we knit in combination throughout the leaf parts of the Carrot and cut back the mouth section.

And here is our Carrot Pen.

Well Being for your arms!

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