Amigurumi Chicken and Magnet Making

Hi There !

I Can tell you learn how to make an excessively lovely little chicken.

if you want, you can stick it as a key holder and use it as a fridge magnet.

Let’s get started then !


Snowball Amigurumi hand knitting threads;
Child Yellow (K331) colour thread
Red (K150) colour thread2.5 mm crochetBlack color stitching threadSilicon gunMagnetic Fiber


Zn: Zincir

X: Widespread needle

Dc:   Double handrail


Let’s knit child yellow with color thread.

1) 16zn from 2nd time 15x.

2-28) 15x

Let’s fold it in the heart and mix the edge with x from two parts. let’s fill the opposite end crosswise.

Ibik, Beak and Eyes

Let’s knit with a pink thread.

1) 2dc to the similar position, next sew Let’s shut with x. Let’s make a complete of three in the comparable way.

Let’s knit baby yellow with colour thread.

2) Let’s pull it out and make a beak. robust

3) Let’s make an eye fixed with a black coloured rope.

you’ll stick a magnet with silicone on the back and use it as a refrigerator magnet.

That’s all!


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