Amigurumi Christmas Stocking Keychain Making

Hello ,

How about knitting the Christmas socks keychain, that is fairly simple to make together?

it will be a really perfect present for your family members because the New Yr strategies!

It’s so speedy and also you will simply knit that you just will probably be shocked.

Let’s get started!


Gazzal Child Cotton XL hand knitting threads;
1 Pink (3439XL) colour thread
1 piece of White (3432XL) color thread
Keychain device Fiber, needle 2.2 mm crochet


Zn: Chain

X: Widespread needle


Crimson colour begins with a string.

1. It’s withdrawn 31 occasions.

2. Starting with the 2d chain, 30x returns with 1 permission.

3-7. 30x returns with 1 permission.

8. Red rope is tied to the sixth needle, via pulling the rope and skipping 5x. 20x is finished with out 5x knitting from the end.

9-13. 20x is back with 1 permission.

White color rope is changed.

14-19. 20x is returned with 1zn.

The knitted piece is folded in half and jointed with the needle from the sides.

The purple phase from the inside to close the mouth phase. blended. The white section is merged from the facet, nevertheless it folds out without closing the mouth phase.

Snow is processed with a white thread on it.

the important thing ring is connected and ready!


Excellent well being!

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