Amigurumi Cloud Production

While making amigurumi, it is often started with the magic ring. On The Other Hand, some other means is to knit and mix the shape we will do in two portions (2 dimensional). Therefore, you’ll have the danger to find different ways of constructing amigurumi and check out quite a lot of knitting models.

Even people who will make amigurumi for the first time with the straightforward amigurumi cloud recipe we ready for you’ll find a way to do it. you’ll even make an amigurumi cloud pillow through increasing their number.


1 piece Los Angeles Mia Mini Cottony White color ip3mm crochet setter Scissors and needle


x = Widespread Needle

z = Chain

v = Increase

e = Desklation


Body on /

1) 7 chains are drawn and returned. > 2) 6x, 1z and again.

Turns are all the time with 1 chain.

3) 1v, 4x, 1v, 1z

4) 1v, 6x, 1v, 1z

FIVE) 9x, 1v, 1z

6) 11x, 7z

7) 17x, 1z

8) 1v, 15x, 1v, 1z

9-12) 19x, 1z

13) 1e, 17x, 1Z

14) 16x, 1e, 1z

15) 1e, 15x, 1z

16) 14x, 1z

17) 1v, 13x, 1z

18) 15x, 1z

19) 1v, 14x, 1z

20) 16x, 1z

21) 1e, 14x, 1z

22) 13x, 1e, 1z

23) 1e, 12x, 1z

24 – 25) 11x, 1z

26) 9x, 1e, 1z

27) 1e, 6x, 1e, 1z

28) 1e, 4x, 1e, 1z

Note: This -dimensional piece is fabricated from 2 items, whilst joining with frequent needles, the bead is filled with fiber. you can make a face as favored.

we hope you revel in our amigurumi cloud recipe made with 2 pieces.

Satisfied knitting.

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