Amigurumi Decorative Cloud Production

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We’ve come up with an excessively great cloud recipe for you.

you’ll use it as a keychain, purse decoration or child baby. Let’s start knitting this cloud, that’s each multi-purpose and lovely! ) color thread
1 Orange (K1250) color thread
1 Pistachio Inexperienced (K1390) color thread
1 Green (K1437) colour thread
1 Blue (K551) color thread
1 piece Dark Blue (K1620) color line
1 piece Purple (K787) colour line
1 piece Purple (K1709) colour line One piece of black rope for eye and mouth processing 2.5 mm crochet Fiber


Sh: Magic ring

X: Scion needle

V: Build Up

A: Lower


White knit with rope.

1. 6x into Sh

2. 6v (12x)

3. (1x, 1v) * 6 (18x)

4-6. 18x

7. 5x, 4a, 5x (14x)

8. 5x, 4v, 5x (18x)

9. 5x, (1x, 1v) * 4, 5x (22x)

10. 5x, (2x, 1v) * FOUR, 5x (26x)

11-14. 26x

15. 6x, (2x, 1a) * FOUR, 4x (22x)

16. 6x, (1x, 1a) * FOUR, 4x (18x)

17. 6x, 4a, 4x (14x)

18. 6x , 4v, 4x (18x)

19-21. 18x

22. (1x, 1a) * 6 ( 12x)

23. 6a (6x)

We fill and cover the fiber within.

A line at the bottom of the cloud with the specified coloured threads. We pass threads alongside.

We procedure and finish the eyes and mouth as in the picture.

Our ornamental cloud is ready!


Pleasant Knitting

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