Amigurumi Figures: Making 0


This time I came with amigurumi numbers.

we will teach our kids the numbers with wholesome toys together.

So let’s start doing the quantity ZERO?


Gazzal Child Cotton Mild Blue (3423) colour hand knitting yarn2.FIVE mm crochet Fiber


Zn: Chain

X: Frequent needle

A: Decrement

V: Increment


We knit two pieces.

1) 14x, we begin from the second time and turn 13x, the 1st time.

2) 1v, 11x, 1v, 1zn, we return. (15x)

3) 1v, 13x, 1v, 1zn, we flip. (17x)

4) 1v, 15x, 1v, 1zn, we turn. (19x)

5) 1v, 17x, 1v, 1zn, we flip. (21x)

6) 1v, We flip round, 19x, 1v, 1zn. (23x)

7) 23x, 1n, we are returning. (23x)

8) 8x, 1a, 1zn, we turn. (9x)

9) 1a, 7x, 1zn, we turn. (8x)

10) 8x, 1nn, we flip. (8x)

11-23) 8x, your permission. (8x)

24) 7x, 1v (9x)

We minimize the string.

Let’s tie our rope to the other aspect. .


25) 8x, 1a, 1zn, we go back (9x)

26) 1a, 7x, 1nn, we flip. (8x)

27) 8x, 1nn, we turn. (8x)

28-40) 8x, your permission. (8x)

41) 7x, 1v, 1zn, we flip. (9x)

We lower our thread.

Let’s fix our thread from the beginning of the top the place we minimize the string.

42) 8x, 1v, THREE chain, 1v, 8x, 1zn. (23x)

43) 23x, 1n, we turn. (23x)

44) 1a, 19x, 1a, 1zn, we flip. (21x)

45) 1a, 17x, 1a, 1zn, we flip. (19x)

46) 1a, 15x, 1a, 1zn, we turn. (17x)

47) 1a, 13x, 1a, 1zn, we flip. (15x)

48) 1a, 11x, 1a, 1zn, we flip. (13x)

49) 13x

to join the 2 parts, first start from the middle after which join the sides. there will be 3x in the center. We combine common needle edges, we don’t disregard to fill the fibers intermittently even as becoming a member of.


Excellent health!

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