Amigurumi Fluffy Cloud Construction

Hello ,,

Imagine a cloud that appears and fills with your eyes, fluffyness!

Omit the entire recipes you already know, I came with a fluffy and cute cloud.

I knitted it with excitement in order that one was once not sufficient, and i finished the second one at the same day. you’ll even make it from the increased number of threads last.

If we come to the decoration, it is a fashion that it is conceivable to make many varieties of decorations which can be utterly most well-liked.

I selected eyelashes with 2 eyes and black string to brighten. .

Of Course, I placed a celebrity-like stone as a crown so that it’s not too plain.

Let’s come to the recipe!


Etrofil Bambino Lux Cotton White (70019) color hand knitting thread2.5 mm crochet10 mm amigurumi eyeBlack embroidery threadBeading fiberOptional ornament material

Abbreviation ar

Sh: Magic ring

x: common needle

v: Increase

a: Lower


1) Sh 6x

2) (v) * 6 (12)

3) (x, v) * 6 (18)

4-5) 18x

6) 2x, 6v, 10x (24)

7) 2x, (x, v) * 6) 10x (30)

8-12) 30x

13 ) 7x, 6a, 11x (24)

14) 6x, 8v, 10x (32)

15)  6x, (x, v) * 8, 10x (40)

16-20) 40x

21) 8x, (x, a) * 8, 8x (32)

22) 7x, 8a, 8x (24)

23) 9x, 6v, 9x (30)

24-27) 30x

Eyes are worn in proportion to the middle of the cloud.

28) 7x, (x, a) * 6, 5x (24)

29) 7x, 6a, 5x ( 18)

30) 18x

31) (x, a) * 6 (12)

32) (a) * 6 (6)

Fiber is crammed. Eyelashes and mouths are processed with black thread.


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