Amigurumi Frog Brooch Making

Welcome to spring with knitted brooches that you just can simply make!

How can we start by way of making amigurumi frog brooch in combination these days? Snowball Amigurumi thread;
1 Green (K1390) colour thread
1 White (K010) colour thread Black embroidery thread (for making eye and mouth) 2.5 mm crochet needle Needle Fiber


X: Widespread needle

V: Increment

A: Relief



Inexperienced knit with string.

1) 6x into the magic ring

2) 6v: 12

3) (1x, v) 6 instances again: 18

4) (2x, v) 6 times repeat: 24

5-8) 24x

A Few fiber within fill and double and stitch.


frog-bros -made-1


White knit with string.

1) 5x into the magic ring

2) 5v: 10

We make the blacks at the eyes with a black embroidery thread.

After sewing the eyes at the head and adding a little bit smile, our brooch is about


Excellent health!


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