Amigurumi Ladybug Pencil Cap Making


Now We Have a pencil head style if you want to deliver you just right luck.

Let’s get started this knitting fashion you’ll be able to easily knit! Baby Cotton knitting threads;
1 Black (3433) color thread
1 Crimson (3443) colour thread2 mm crochet Fiber


Sh: Magic ring

x: Widespread Needle

v: Increment

a : Relief

Blo: Knitting by means of dipping within the again loops

cc: Loop wrapping


Top Shell

Pink colour is knitted with thread.

1) Sh 6x

< strong> 2) 6v (12)

3) (x, v) * 6 (18)

4) (2x, v) * 6 (24)

5) (3x, v) * 6 (30)

6-8) 30x


Black colour is knitted with string.

1) Sh 6x

2) 6v (12)

3)   Blo (x, v) * 6 (18)

4) (2x, v) * 6 (24)

5 ) (3x, v) * 6 (30)

The Higher and lower shell are combined with a black thread with a widespread needle. Fiber is filled at the same time as becoming a member of.

One row of cc is passed through the center of the upper shell. Spots are processed with black string.


Black color string is hooked up to Blo within the third row of the decrease shell.

1) (x, a) * 6 (12)

2-12) 12x


Black is knitted with a string.

1) Sh 6x

2) 6v (12)

3-4) 12x

Fiber is filled. The eyes are handled with a white thread. it’s sewn to the highest shell as in the symbol.



Health on your hand!

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