Amigurumi Letters: Making C

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Can We proceed to teach our kids healthy letters?

we now have printed the letters A and B prior to. Now subsequent is the letter C…

You’ll Be Able To simply knit again, use it instantly.

Let’s knit in combination!


1 Gazzal Child Cotton XL Orange color (3416XL) hand knitting yarn
2.FIVE mm crochet fiber


Zn: Chain

X: Frequent needle

V: Increment

A: Decrement


We knit pieces.

1) We Begin with 13z.

2) 12x, 1zn, we flip.

3) 1v, 10x, 1v, 1zn, we go back. (14x)

4) 1v, 12x, 1v, 1zn, we flip. (16x)

5) 1v, 14x, 1v, 1zn, we turn. (18x)

6) 1v, 16x, 1v, 1zn, we flip. (20x)

7) 1v, 18x, 1v, 1zn, we turn. (22x)

8) 1v, 20x, 1v, 1zn, we turn. (24x)

9) 8x, 1a, 1zn, we turn. (9x)

10) 1a, 6x, 1v, 1zn, we turn. (9x)

11) 7x, 1a, 1zn, we turn. (8x)

12-22) (8x) (1 time on the finish of every row, we return and repeat.)

23) 7x, 1v, 1zn, we turn. (9x)

24) 1v, 6x, 1a, 1zn, we turn. (9x)

25) 8x, 1v, 15zn, we turn.

26) (1a, 12x on zn) 8x, 1a, 1zn, we flip. (22x)

27) 1a, 18x, 1a, 1zn, we flip. (20x)

28) 1a, 16x, 1a, 1zn, we turn. (18x)

29) 1a, 14x, 1a, 1zn, we turn. (16x)

30) 1a, 12x, 1a, 1zn, we turn. (14x)

31) 1a, 10x, 1a, 1zn, we turn. (12x)

32) 12x


For this, we restore our thread to the bottom part as in symbol 1.

1) 8x, 1a, 1zn, we flip. (9x)

2) 1a, 6x, 1v, 1zn, we turn. (9x)

3) 7x, 1a, cc. (8x)

amigurumi- letters-c-build-1

Now we restoration our thread to the top as in image number 2.

1) 8x, 1a, 1zn, we turn. (9x)

2) 1a, 6x, 1v, 1zn, we flip. (9x)

3) 7x, 1a, cc. (8x)

amigurumi- letters-c-yapimi-2

We position the two motifs we now have prepared on most sensible of every different and start to enroll in the edges with common needles. Prior To we end the becoming a member of part, we fill the inside of our letter with sufficient fiber. And we’re performed.

Our Amigurumi Letter C is about.


Health on your hand!

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