Amigurumi Letters: Making I

Hello ,,

We came to you with amigurumi letters.

we can educate our children letters with wholesome toys we make.

So let’s start making the letter I!

Time: Chain

X: Common needle

V: Building Up

A: Decrement

Cc: Sew shift


pieces we weave.

1. We shoot for 15 times.

2-FIVE. 14x (We shoot and return at the finish of each row.)

6. 3cc, 8x

We pull back and return. We proceed this manner.

7-27. 8x

28. We pull 8x, FOUR instances and tear off the thread.

We repair our thread from the opposite corner.

1. We shoot 4 occasions and start 3x starting from the second one chain. Then we make 8x, and 3x to the chains we pull off whilst pulling the rope, and we come back by pulling a sequence. (14x)

At the end of every row, we pull 1 again and return.

2-4. 14x

Placed two pieces in a row and x We mix with and fill it with fiber.

Our letter I is set!



Health in your fingers

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