Amigurumi Letters: Making J

Hello !!

We got here as much as the letter J in our series of amigurumi letters!

we can educate our youngsters the letters with these healthy toys.

Let’s get started knitting right away!


Gazzal Child Cotton XL Gray (3430XL) color hand knitting yarn2. 5 mm crochet Fiber


Zn: Chain

X: Scissors needle

A: Decrement

V: Increment


We knit two items.

1) 11zn, ranging from 2d zn, we flip 10x, 1zn.

2) 1v, 8x, 1v, 1zn, we turn . (12x)

3) 1v, 10x, 1v, 1zn, we flip. (14x)

4) 1v, 12x, 1v, 1zn, we flip. (16x)

5) 1v, 14x, 1v, 1zn, we flip. (18x)

6) 1v, 16x, 1v, 1zn, we flip. (20x)

7) 1v, 18x, 1v, 1zn, we turn. (22x)

8) 8x, 1a, 1zn, we turn. (9x)

9) 1a, 7x, 1zn, we flip. (8x)

10-26) 8x, your permission.

27) 8x, 4zn

We minimize the rope.


We fix the rope from the opposite corner and pull it 4 instances. .

1) 3x, 8x on time, 3x, 1 time on time. (14x)

2-4) 14x, 1zn, we’re returning.


Bottom Corner

We repair our thread from the opposite corner.

1) 8x, 1a, 1zn, we flip. (9x)

2) 1a, 7x, 1zn, we turn. (8x)

3-4) 8x, 1zn, we flip and finish.


We combine the pieces with common needles. We do not forget to fill the fiber.


amigurumi-letters -j-made

Health for your palms!

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