Amigurumi Letters: Making T

Hiya !

We Are very on the subject of finishing our Amigurumi letters series.

we can train our children the letters with healthy toys.

Let’s get started knitting the letter T straight away!


Gazzal Child Cotton XL Red (3422XL) color hand knitting yarn2.5 mm crochet fiber


<Zn: Chain

X: Common needle


1) 24x, 1z, we turn, starting from 25z, 2d zn.

2-7) 24x, 1zn at the finish of every row.

< We lower the rope. amigurumi-letters-t-construction-1


Middle Section

We jump 8x and fix the thread to our ninth pin. it will be 8x on the right and left and 8x in the center.



1) 8x, 1zn, we’re turning.

2-24) 8x, 1zn on the finish of each row, we turn.

We knit pieces and mix them with the needle method by means of filling the fiber.


Well Being to your fingers!

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