Amigurumi Letters: R Made

Hello !!

This time we came with the letter amigurumi R.

we will be able to educate our kids the letters with wholesome toys.

Let’s start making the letter R in combination!


Gazzal Baby Cotton XL Light Crimson (3415XL) color hand knitting yarn2.FIVE mm crochet Fiber


Time: Chain

X: Widespread needle

A: Decrement

V: Increment


1) 18z, starting from 2d zn, 17x, 1zn, we’re returning.

2) 16x, 1v, 1zn, we’re returning. (18x)

3) 1v, 17x, 1zn, we flip. (19x)

4) 18x, 1v, 1zn, we flip. (20x)

5) 1v, 19x, 1zn, we go back. (21x)

6) 20x, 1v, 1nn, we turn. (22x)

7) 1v, 21x, 1zn, we return. (23x)

8) 8x

9-11) 8x, 1 flip at the end of every row.

12) 8x

We break the string.

Reverse Nook

Leap 5x from within and pin to sixth pin we restoration our thread.


1) 1a, 7x, 1zn, we flip. (8x)

2) 1v, 5x, 1a, 1zn, we turn. (8x)

3-4) 8x, 1nn, we turn.

5) 1v, 5x, 1a, 1zn, we flip. (8x)

6) We combine 7x, 1v, 6zn with the other nook and make 8x, 1zn, turn. (23x)

7) 8x, we turn 6x, 7x, 1a, 1zn onto the zn. (22x)

8) 1a, 20x, 1nn, we flip. (21x)

9) 19x, 1a, 1zn, we flip. (20x)

10) 1a, 18x, 1nn, we flip. (19x)

11) 17x, 1a, 1zn, we turn. (18x)

12) 1a, 16x, 1nn, we flip. (17x)

13) 8x, 1zn, we turn.

14-24) 8x, 1zn on the finish of each row, return.

Bottom Nook


1) 7x, 1a, 1zn, go back. (8x)

2) 1a, 5x, 1v, 1zn, we turn. (8x)

3) 1v, 5x, 1a, 1zn, we turn. (8x)

4) 8x, your permission.

5) 1v, 5x, 1a, 1zn, we flip. (8x)

6) 8x, your permission.

7) 1v, 5x, 1a, 1zn, we turn. (8x)

8) 8x, 1zn, we flip.

9) 1v, 5x, 1a, 1zn, we flip . (8x)

10) 8x, 1zn, we flip.

11) 1v, 5x, 1a, 1zn, we flip . (8x)

12) 8x

we are completing.

We knit two pieces in combination and fill them with fiber.

The letter R is ready!

amigurumi -Lettering-r-making


Well Being for your hands!

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