Amigurumi Little Lamb Brooch Making

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I came up with a very sweet lamb recipe this time

although it is normally small, it will possibly be used as a brooch, but you’ll additionally use it as a key ring.


L. A. Mia Pastel Cotton rope;
1 Cream (L050) colour thread
1 White (L001) colour thread2.5 mm crochet Black beads for eyesA little bead fiber NeedleBrown rope (nostril )


Sh: Magic Ring

x: Common needle

v: Building Up

a: Lower


We knit with cream coloured thread.

1) 6x (6)

2) 6v (12)

3 into Sh ) (1x, 1v) * 6 (18)

4-8) 18x

9) (1x, 1a) * 6 (12)

10) 6a (6)

We minimize the rope a bit long and calmly fill and stitch the fiber into it.

Ears (2 Pieces)

We knit with cream-coloured thread.

1) 6x (6)

2) 6v (12)

We go away lengthy rope to sew the ears.

The Head Wool of the Lamb

We Start by means of fixing the rope from the back of the top and pulling 6 chains. We repair the 6 chains we pull to the frequent needle right subsequent to where we first sank. We continue this procedure until we pull 6 chains once more and an element of your head is closed.


you can adjust eyes and mouth nostril part by eye determination. when you want, you’ll restoration the eyes closer.

Well Being on your arms

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