Amigurumi Nail Polish Making

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We Now Have ready you a risk free nail polish recipe that our kids can use conveniently in their games.


1 YarnArt Denims Red (42) color hand knitting yarn1 Gazzal Baby Cotton Black (3433) colour hand knitting yarn2.2 mm crochet fiber


Sh: Magic ring

X: Common needle

V: Build Up

A: Aid

Blo: Knitting from the back loop


We knit with a pink thread.

1) 6x into Sh

2) 6v (12)

3)  (x, v) * 6 (18)

4) (2x, v) * 6 (24)

5 ) Blo 24x

6-11) 24x

12) (2x, a) * 6 ( 18)

13) (x, a) * 6 (12)

My black thread We move on.

14-21) 12x

22) 6a (6x)

One We gather, shut and finish the loops with the help of a needle.

Our nail polish is about!

amigurumi-nail polish-making amigurumi-nail polish-making-1

Simple to come back.

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