Amigurumi Rabbit BonBon Making

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Could you like to give your family members a gift that you just ready together with your personal fingers on their birthdays?

If sure, this lovely rabbit recipe is for you.

Bonbon You’ll also use the rabbit as a decoration in your kid’s birthdays.

Let’s get started knitting together!


YarnArt Denims Plus hand knitting threads;
1 White (SIXTY TWO) colour thread
1 piece Blue (15) colour line
1 piece Yellow (35) colour line
1 piece Red (36) colour line
1 piece Brown (70) line Black rope (we will be able to handiest process eyebrows with this thread) THREE.FIVE mm crochet fiber Fiber EIGHT mm. locked amigurumi eye Embroidery or wool needle Scissors 1 yellow plush pompom (You Can in finding it in stationery)

Completed Measurement

27 cm.


SH:   Magic ring

x: Widespread needle

v: Increment

e: Decreasing

BLO: Knitting via twisting the rope on the back of the sew

DC: Double handrail

TR: Triple handrail

CC: Stitch shift



White colour is knitted with thread.

1. 6x (6 in SH )

2. v (6 reps) (12)

3. 1x, 1v (6 reps) (18 )

4. 2x, 1v (6 reps) (24)

5. 3x, 1v (6 reps) (30)

6. 4x, 1v (6 reps) (36)

7. 5x, 1v (6 again) (FORTY TWO)

8-15. 42x


we insert between the rows with 7 loops among them.

16. 5x, 1e (6 reps) (36)

17. 4x, 1e (6 reps) (30)

18. 3x, 1e (6 reps) (24)

19.  2x, 1e (6 reps) (18)

We fill the fiber.

20. 1x, 1e (6 reps) (12)

We reduce the thread long for sewing. we will stitch the pinnacle to the frame later.

His nose is 12-13. we work between the rows within the center of the eyes and in addition down the mouth. we’re processing eyebrows in 8th position.

amigurumi-tavsan-bonbon-yapimi-1 amigurumi-Rabbit-bonbon -made

Ears (2 items)

White color is knitted with thread.

1. 6x (6)

2. 1x, 1v (3 reps) (9)

3. 2x, 1v (3 reps) (12)

4-13. 12x (10 rows)

14. Double as much as mix with 5x.

Double again and combined with stitches.

we stitch at the queue. amigurumi-rabbit-bonbon-making-2 amigurumi-rabbit-bonbon-making -2

Birthday Celebration Hat

Blue knit with thread.

1. 6x (6)

2. 1x, 1v (3 reps) (9)

3. 9x

4. 2x, 1v (3 reps) (12)

5. 12x

6. 3x, 1v (3 reps) (15)

7. 15x

8 . 4x, 1v (3 reps) (18)

9. 18x

We reduce the thread lengthy for stitching. We stitch the birthday party hat over your head. We fill a few fiber in it earlier than remaining it. We stitch the pompom on it.

amigurumi-rabbit-bonbon-making-3 amigurumi-rabbit-bonbon-making

Legs (2 items)

White knit with thread.

1. 6x (6)

2. v (6 reps) (12)

3. 1x, 1v (6 reps) (18)

4. 8x, 1v (2 reps) (20)

5-6. 20x

7. 4x, 6e, 4x (14)

8. 3x, 4e, 3x (10)

9- 16. 10x (8 rows)

We fill the fiber.


We center our loop with the toe going through ahead. We knit 2 chains and tie them to the 1st leg. Now we will knit the trunk. We proceed without reducing our thread.


1. Leg 10x, 2x (over 2 chains we knit), 2d Leg 10x, 2x (2 chains we knit) (24)

2-13. 24x (12 rows)

14. 2x, 1e (6 reps ) (18)

15. 18x

We fill the fiber.

16. 1x, 1e (6 reps) (12)

17. 12x

We knit a few extra needles, with our loop going through the again. We minimize our knot and knot. We sew the pinnacle at the trunk. throughout the stitching process, we fill the neck with fiber. should you want, you can put a wire or a thin pipe to give a boost to the neck.

We procedure the threads with purple thread.

Palms (2 items)

White colour is knitted with string.

1. 6x (6)

2. 1x, 1v (3 reps) (9)

into SH 3-4. 9x (2 rows)

5. 2x, 1e, 3x, 1e (7)

  6-17. 7x (12 rows)

We fill the fiber.

18. Double up with 3x.

amigurumi-tavsan-b onbon-made-5



White knit with string.

1. 6x (6)

2. v (6 reps) (12)

into SH 3-4. 12x (2 rows)

We fill the fiber.

5. e (6 reps) (6)

We lower our thread lengthy for stitching.

we insert it into the BLO we knit in order. into the loop, 1 CC, depart the loop empty, into the loop, 1 x, 1 HDC, 1 DC, 1 HDC, 1 x, leave the loop clean, loop 1 CC.

We repeat these operations 6 instances.

We fasten the sides of the seams.


Start with the blue thread color.

1. 5x (FIVE)

2-5. 5x

into thread SH lengthy for sewing our thread we interrupt. We sew the candle in the heart of the cake.


Yellow knit with a string.

1. into SH,

1 x, 1 HDC, 1 DC, 1 TR, 1 DC, 1 HDC, 1 x x

We stitch the flame on the candle.

Bonbon is set to play.

amigurumi-rabbit-bonbon-made-8 amigurumi-tavsan- bonbon-yapimi

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