Amigurumi Rabbit Family Making

You’ll Be Able To make knitting toys very easily with this knitting fashion that even the newbie of the cheerleader can make.


Organica rope;
2 items of White (K010) color yarn
1 piece of Purple (K1170) color thread
1 piece of sunshine Blue (K1541) colour thread
1 piece of Navy Blue (K632) color thread Pink and black embroidery thread 2.2 mm or 2.5 mm crochet bead fiber 8 mm amigurumi Eye tamintamintamintamin i─čtaminMakakakakasasasasasasasasasasas belirleyicileyici Abbreviations

SH: Magic ring

X: Scissors needle

V: Increase / 2 frequent needles of the same loop

A: Relief / 2 needles in combination and make a unmarried needle

DC: Double handrails

VDC: 2 double handrails to the similar loop

ZN: Chain

CC: Loop wrapping

Things to look at Out

Make Sure To fill the toy with fiber because it dries. The numbers in front of the abbreviations point out how many times you are going to repeat the given process at the moment. The numbers out of doors the parenthesis point out how many instances you will repeat the process in parentheses.For this reason why, it’s helpful to make use of a looper to determine the head of the rows.


Fingers (2 items)

White colour is knitted with string.

1) 5X (FIVE)

2) 5V (10)

3-25) into SH > 10X (10)

* We knit the last FIVE rows for the male rabbit with a mild blue coloured thread.

We fill the fiber and fold it in part with 5X.

Legs (2 pieces)

White knit with thread.

1) 6X (6)

2 into SH ) 6V (12)

3-27) 12X (12)

After completing the primary leg, we cut the thread. we can proceed the trunk by pulling FOUR chains with out connecting the second leg and connecting the two legs with a loop shift.



To proceed from the legs;

1) First leg 12X, over 4ZN 4X, 2nd leg 12X, 4X over 4ZN (32)

2-15) 32X (32)

* 6 for male rabbit.

We place locked eyes between rows ELEVEN and 11, with 10 common needles among them.

20) 2X, 1A, (4X, 1A) * 7, 2X (FORTY)

21) (3X , 1A) * 8 (32)

22) 1X, 1A, (2X, 1A) * 7, 1X (24)

23) (1X, 1A) * 8 (SIXTEEN)

24) 8A

We close the remaining commencing with the help of an etamine needle and hide the thread.

Ears (2 pieces)

White knit with a string.

1) 6X (6)

into SH >

2) (2X, 1V) * 2 (8)

3) (3X, 1V) * 2 (10)

4) (4X, 1V) * 2 (12)

5) (5X, 1V) * 2 (14 )

6) (6X, 1V) * 2 (SIXTEEN)

7) (7X, 1V) * 2 (18)

8-20) 18X

After We knit and finish your ears, we sew it on the pinnacle with the assistance of an etamine needle.


However with the help of an etamine needle (ideally more with a skinny pink thread) we process the nostril of the rabbit as in the image.

22X from the chain

2) 2X, 7ZN, (via skipping FIVE loops and sinking to the 6th loop) 8X, 7ZN (by way of skipping FIVE loops and sinking to the sixth loop) 2X

3) 1X to each loop along the collection

4) Knitting 7X, 1V, 4X, 1V, 4X, 1V, 7X, 1V respectively 30X in total

5-7) 30X

8) 7X, 1V, 6X, 1V, 6X, 1V, respectively Knitting 7X, 1V, 34X in overall

9) 34X

10) 8X, 1V, 7X, 1V, 7X, respectively Via knitting 1V, 8X, 1V in overall 38X

You Need to knit via rotating from this order.

12) 1VDC to every loop

13) DC to 1 loop and VDC to another

14) 1DC for each loop for 3 rows

15) We needle and end the backside often along the row.

* After We positioned the dress at the toy, reduce the back.

Suspended Pants

We knit with a purple colour thread.

1) We pull 16ZN in combination and make a hoop.

2) ELEVEN rows (rotating) in each row 16x

We knit 1 extra of this piece.

3)  After knitting two of the leg, combine the second one leg into 2ZN and the opposite leg without slicing the string.

4) 36x for 10 rows

5) Knit in the eleventh row (the order we will be able to make the straps) 2x, 25ZN after doing CC

starting from the loop, knit 24X and tie it to the waist with CC once more. For the second hanger, first knit 28X (for the correct area), after making CC, pull 25ZN. starting from the second sew on this 25ZN, knit 24X and tie it to the waist with CC again. for those who wish, you can embellish with a button.

Flat Shoes (2 items)

We knit with navy blue thread. (7)

2) 7V (14)

3-4) 14X (14)

 Taped Footwear (2 pieces)

We knit with navy blue thread.

1) 7X (7)

2) into SH 2) 7V (14)

3-7) 14X (14)

8) 4X, 7ZN (by skipping 7 loops and sinking to the eighth loop) 3X (14)

Your Amigurumi rabbit family is about!

Use it on gorgeous days!

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