Amigurumi Straw Baby Hat and Basket Making

Hello everybody!

Amigurumi fanatics are here?

I prepared an overly stylish straw hat and basket recipe that you just can use in Amigurumi small children.

Let’s start right away!


La Mia Herbal Jute Twine jute ip2.1 mm crochet


Sh: Magic ring

X: Widespread needle

V: Increase

W: THREE widespread puts in the comparable place needle knitting

Hdc: Single handrail

Hdcv: Single handrail increase

Hdcw : Knitting 3 single handrails within the comparable position

Zn: Zincir

Blo: Knitting from the back lobe



1. 12hdc into Shp

2. (1hdcv ) * 12 (24hdc)

3. 24hdc

4. 1hdcv, 1hdcw (48hdc)

5-6. 48hdc


1. 6zn

2. v, 3x, 1w, 5x (13x)

3. 1v, 5x, 3v, 4x, 3v, 5x from the second one zn , 3v, 7x, 3v, 8x (55x)

4. Blo 55x

5-6. 55x

7. 6x, 11zn, thirteenth widespread needles We return and slide stitches to all zn and return to where we got here from. We wrap the remaining of the basket by means of loop stitching.


Health on your palms!

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