Amigurumi Strawberry Brace Making

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We percentage our lovely strawberry braces recipe that we imagine you’re going to love.

Let’s start our easy and fun recipe!


Gazzal Child Cotton hand knitting threads;
1 Inexperienced (3449) colour thread
1 White (3432) color thread
1 Red (3439) color thread Fiber, needle 2 mm crochet


Sh: Magic ring

X: Widespread needle

V:  Building Up

A: Lower

Zn: Chain

Cc: Loop wrapping

We make the construction of the trend with the string of pink colour.

1) 6x

2) 6v = 12x

3) 12x

into Sh 4) (x, v) * 6 = 18x

5) 18x

6) (2x , v) * 6 = 24x

7) 24x

8) (3x, v) * 6 = 30x


trong> 30x

12) (3x, a) * 6 = 24x

13) (2x, a) * 6 = 18x

14) (x, a) * 6 = 12x

we are filling sufficient fiber.

15) 6a = 6x

We collect and finish all loops.

Leaves on Strawberry

We knit with green colored thread.

1) 6x, cc.

2) Soak within the next loop 10zn, 9x, cc

3) 6zn, 5x, cc

4) , dipped within the next stitch 10zn, 9x, cc

5) Soak within the subsequent loop 7zn, 6x, cc

6) Soak in the next stitch 9zn, 8x, cc


Starting from zn 4x, 1zn, turn

3) 1v, 2x, 1v = 6x, 1zn, flip

4) 6x, 1zn, turn

5) 1v, 4x, 1v = 8x, 1zn, turn

6) 1v, 6x, 1v = 10x, 1zn, flip

7-9) 10x, 1zn, turn

10) 1a, 6x, 1a = 8x, 1zn, flip

11) 1a, 4x, 1a = 6x, 1zn, turn

12) 1a, 2x, finish.

2. Leaf

We knit with green thread.

1) 4zn starting from 2d time 3x, 1zn, go back

  2) 1v, 1x, 1v = 5x

3) 5x, 1zn, go back

4) 5x

5) 1v, 3x, 1v = 7x, 1zn, flip

6) 1v, 5x, 1v = 9x, 1zn, flip

7-9) 9x, 1zn, flip

10) 1a, 5x, 1a = 7x, 1zn, flip

11) 1a, 3x, 1a = 5x, 1zn, turn

12) 5x

13) 1a, 1x, 1a = 3x, we return and make 2cc and connect 15 zn to the highest of the opposite leaf

Plant Life (2 pieces)

we commence with a white color rope.

1) We make 14x into Sh and connect to the primary x with cc.

Purple color rope

2) We pull 3zn and make triple handrails.

3) Triple handrails to the side loop again

4) 3zn and 1cc to the aspect loop

5) 3zn, triple handrail

6) Triple handrail to the facet loop again

7) 3cc and aspect loop 1cc

8) 3zn, triple rail

9) Triple handrail to facet loop

10) 3cc and 1 loop to the aspect loop

11) 3zn, triple handrail

12) triple handrails to the side loop once more

13) 3zn and 1cc to the side loop

14) 3zn , triple handrails

15) We make triple handrails, 3zn and cc to the facet loop again.

Pull 71zn with inexperienced rope and some of the main body of the strawberry. We restoration it to the top and the other part to the inner of the vegetation.

amigurumi-cilek -ayrac-yapı-1

We fix the leaves to the inner part of the plant life in the similar way.

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