Amigurumi Tasseled Owl Making

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You Can gift amigurumi cute, tasseled owl by way of knitting each time with different color combos.

Let’s start this straightforward amigurumi knitting trend right away!


Los Angeles Mia Mini Yarns 20-colour hand knitting yarn3 mm crochet6 mm black screw eyeBead fiber


Sh: Magic Ring

X: Widespread needle

V: Increment

Dc: Double handrail

Dcv: Binary railing increase

Hdc: Single Trabzan



Water Green starts with a colour thread.

1. 6X (6)

2.  6V (12)

3. (X, V) * 6 instances (18)

4. (2X, V) * 6 times (24)

5. (3X, V) * 6 times (30)

6. (4X, V) * 6 occasions (36)

Every row is knitted through changing colour.

7-14. 36X

Water Green knit with color thread.

15-20. 36X

Fiber is filled.

21. We double our knit and primary knit the again piece on the related time. it is completed through making 3dc, dcv, 3hdc, 6x, 6x, 3hdc, dcv in the same place, 3dc to the same place.

Eyes (2 items)

Cream colour is knitted with thread.

1. 6X (6)

2. 6V (12) Sh

3. (X, V) * 6 instances (18)

6 mm eyes are placed in the middle of the knitted eyes and sewn to the body.

Then ears are made with colored tassels.

and prepared!


Health to your hand!

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