Autumn Bag Making

If You want to make your self a knitted bag with ease and very quickly, this recipe is for you!

With this knitting style, that’s knitted with combed rope and thick crochet, the usage of a able-made base and hanger, it’s up to date in a few hours. you’ll be able to have a bag!


1 Spaghetti Yarn Combed ip8 mm crochet In A Position bag base and strap


1) On The in a position base We pull out a loop by way of sticking twice in every hole and making frequent needles.

2) We pull a chain whilst going as much as the top row, we make the spike type via sinking in the middle of the v shape shaped at the backside. We stick 1 in every loop.

3) We knit the bag in this way till it is the scale we wish with none build up or lower. We don’t fail to remember to make widespread needles through sinking in the heart of the ground v shapes.

Whilst the bag reaches the dimensions we want, we sew it via sewing or knitting the straps.

Sure it is that simple and fast! Our bag is already over!

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