Bead Teether Making

Now We Have introduced you a very simple, very helpful knitting trend!

With this novice level knitting model, you’ll be able to knit colorful teether to your babies or family members.

Let’s start!


Colourful SMC Catania threads2.5 mm crochet14 and 20 mm wood beads Wood determine Wool needle


x: Needlework

v: Build Up

a: Decrease


1. 6x (6)

2. 6v (12)

3. (into the magic ring) 1x, 1v) * 6 (18)

4-6. 18x

After knitting the 6th row, we place our 20 mm picket bead in the knitting. We concentrate that bead holes and knitting start and end puts coincide.

bead-dis-scratcher of-construction-one

7. (1x, 1a) * 6 (12)

8. 6a (6)

On This method, the choice of knit beads we want

We create a teether ring via reducing 30 cm from the threads we use within the beads and the use of knitted beads and 14 mm picket beads with the assistance of a needle. in the event you desire, you’ll be able to wear a wooden figure on one end.

bead- dis-cashier-build-2

Well Being in your hand!

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