Bohemian Buckle Making

Hello everybody!

I got here to you with a recipe that you just can make in FIVE mins.

you’re going to like this gorgeous buckle that you just will make with the simplest knotting approach to macromere!

Let’s get started right away! !


Loren Herbal Cotton hand knitting threads

how one can make

We use the rope as 7 layers.

1) We get ready SIXTEEN tufts of 12 cm duration with 7 layers. We prepare a 16 cm long pinch and use it to stay in the middle.

2) 1. We knot by doubling the tuft and passing it below it, doubling the second tuff and over it, passing the ends of the 2 strands throughout the formed loops and doing this 7 more occasions.

3) A PAIR of scissors With the assistance of we take the leaf shape, we end by way of trimming the ends.

Then you can attach it to the hair clip or rubber buckle with a silicone gun like me.

Video Tutorial

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