Boot-Shaped Zippered Knit Socks Making

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Very lengthy boot fashion keeps in the trends of the season; However, to give you the chance to put on long boots, it is necessary to needless to say it is necessary to be lengthy-legged.

if you happen to aren’t long-legged, we propose that you simply adapt to this fashion by means of wearing long socks.

Especially this zippered type will create a scratching effect to your legs. .

Let’s get started now!


La Mia Wool Easy Purple (L205) colour hand knitting thread 6 mm 5 socks socks 6 mm skewers


1. 6 loops are began to form the nose with 5 needles.

2. loop is inserted into the ground of 6 loops and each loop is looped. number is greater to twelve.

3. 12 loops (4 loops for high, 2 loops for proper side, FOUR loops for bottom, 2 loops for left aspect) 1 row of undeniable weave Knit.

4. Knit one stitch on both sides of the 2 stitches on each side of the correct and left aspects of the knit until the collection of stitches is 36.

5. Socks Knitting continues with 36 stitches via creating the nostril a part of the knit. Knit in cm.

7. 6 loops on either side of 20 loops are hung on the spit to near the heel phase.

8. At The Same Time As proceeding to knit with 8 loops in the center, each row is knitted through cutting 1 of 6 loops on either side of the knit.

9. While 6 loops held in a hem are completed 6 loops are accrued from the right and left of the heel and removed.

11. For the ankle part. Knitting is sustained with 20 stitches in the heel and 18 stitches for the upper part of the foot, that are stored in the spit, and 36 stitches in general.

12.   When the knit length is 30 cm, for the zipper, go away the back center of the knit and continue knitting with skewers. it’s knitted through expanding 1 sew all sides.

14. When knitting length is 47 cm, 5 cm 1 + 1 rubber knitting is knitted and completed by way of slicing in 1 time.

15. it’s finished by stitching the zipper on the again of the sock.

And it’s performed!

Boot-Shaped Zippered Knit Socks Making

Boot-Shaped Zippered Knit Socks Making

Health on your fingers!

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