Bow Vest Making

Hey !

Lately we have ready an overly simple and sublime vest recipe for you.

we want you a nice knitting.

Let’s get started knitting instantly!


Snowball Baby One hand knitting threads;
White colour thread
Pink (K255) color thread2.5mm trimmed line 4 buttons Button for beading



Let’s knit with white thread.

1. Let’s start with 76 loops.

2. Let’s knit 4 rows of harosa.

3. Let’s knit 8 loops of haro from the start and finish, knit the center phase with undeniable weave.

4. Let’s knit FORTY FIVE rows of croissants.

5. Let’s make the center part of crocheted flat. Let’s knit 30 rows.

6. Let’s cut all of the loops and cut the thread.


Let’s knit with white thread.

1. Let’s start with FORTY SEVEN stitches.

2. Let’s knit FOUR rows of hawk.

3 Let’s knit EIGHT loops from the perimeters, knit the center with a flat knit.

Let’s open FOUR buttonholes on one side in 14 rows.

4. After knitting FORTY FIVE rows, let’s take 5 loops two times from the flat knit in the center immediately.

in the intervening time, we commence to diminish.

5. Let’s cut three loops from a center section in THREE rows and make a lower until 28 loops remain on the finish. Let’s knit hahaha.

Small Bows (2 Items)

Let’s knit with pink thread.

1. Knit 11 loops.

2. Let’s knit seven rows of harosa.

3. Tie the middle phase with a white thread and enhance it with a pearl. < /

4. Let’s sew to the front of the vest.



Large Bow

Let’s knit with a crimson thread.

1. 25 loops Let’s knit.

2. Knit ELEVEN rows of harosa.

3. We tie the middle part with a white thread and beautify it with pearl. .

4. Let’s stitch to the back of the vest.

you’ll be able to beautify with beads.

IMG_20200131_171056-scaled. jpg


That’s it!

IMG_20200131_171742-scaled .jpg


Well Being on your fingers!

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