Brass Model 3 Color Shawl Making

Hi ,,

How about making an attempt the rice knitting fashion so as to go well with each girls and men?

With this 3-color wrap, wintry weather will likely be each colourful and heat!

Let’s start now!


Snowball Elite Wool Grande rope;
2 Burgundy (K1119) colour threads
2 Gentle Gray (K1001) color threads
2 Beige (K855) colour ip9 mm knitting needles


1) start with 35 loops.

2) In The 2d row, 1 opposite and 1 immediately, knit knitting till the tip of the row.

3) In The third row, the braid is made by means of making a flat, opposite weave on the reverse.

* Until it reaches the required length. Article THREE is repeated every order.

FOUR) 100 rows of Beige, ONE HUNDRED rows of Bordeaux, It Is knitted with 100 rows of light gray coloured thread.

and prepared!

rice-modeled-sal-construction rice-modeled-sal-making

hello use.

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