Brass Model Hair Band Making

Hello !

Lately we can paintings with you brass type headscarf.

we can get a trendy glance through the use of a unique joining method.

Let’s start knitting straight away! < /


YarnArt Jeans Petroleum Inexperienced (SIXTY THREE) colour hand knitting thread3.5 mm skewer


Brass Weave Pattern

1) 1 inverted, 1 instantly, 1 inverted, 1 instantly is sustained.

2) It Is knitted on best of the inverse and flat on best of the obvious.

3) Knit over the inverse flat, overlap on the straight.

4) Reverse over the opposite, directly at the instantly knit in some way.

FIVE) Rows THREE and four are repeated often.


1) 30 loops are to be thrown. Brass knitting trend is applied starting from 1 opposite and 1 flat.

2) Knitting braid for 44 cm.

3) The ends are blended and sewn as within the footage underneath.


Brass type hair band is about!

brass-patterned-sheet-band-making brass-patterned-sheet-band-making

to your arms well being!

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