Burgundy Baby Vest Making

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I came with a knitting trend that is very nice and useful and really easy to make. I knitted it to my first daughter and i loved it. I want everybody to knit.


1 Snowball Spike crimson colour ip3.5 mm swell Button


1) 70 We Start with the loop. We knit FOUR teeth harosha.

2) We knit the perimeters as EIGHT loops harosha and knit the remaining loops flat.

3) When the Hahashalar has 33 teeth, we make auger operation. We make the similar process till EIGHT edge loops stay on the end by means of replacing the loops for 8 auger rubber, EIGHT flat, 1 reverse, EIGHT flat, 1 opposite, 8 flat for auger. Loops in the back row are knitted as they come. we’re making a twist at the THREE tooth haros at the edges.

4) After FIVE instances of auger we knit EIGHT loops at the starting and on the finish, and FIVE more tooth within the center directly. < /

5) FOUR more teeth are knitted for all the braid. a complete of 56 teeth in the back have been .

6) After that, our braid might be two items. It prevents 24 loops, we lower 22 loops for the nape. We knit one facet of the front first after which the opposite. For each front portions, we knit 8 haros to the sides and 8 straight to the center.

7) After making 12 enamel harosha, we building up our 14 loops collar increase. We arrange our fashion comparable, we knit EIGHT loops on the starting and at the finish of the harosa, the center is flat, and after 2 rows we make the auger procedure. The auger process is installed on EIGHT immediately, 1 opposite, 8 directly, 1 opposite, 8 instantly as back. We repeat the auger procedure with THREE enamel intervals.

8) Once We make FOUR augers, we knit EIGHT haros at the perimeters and 12 tooth harosas in the middle flat.

9) . 12-13 teeth are knitted. There are 2 flat loops between the edge rubber and the pocket.

10) After the pocket knitting is completed, 2 rows are instantly and four teeth are finished with entire harassment.

Good health in your palms… Would Possibly your angel put on it on stunning days.

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