Buttoned Hair Band Making

Good Day !

We Will Be Able To knit you a very trendy buttoned headband.

we think that you simply will upload magnificence to your hair with this headband.

Let’s get started knitting right away! < /


Los Angeles Mia Diamond Mustard Yellow (L003) colour hand knitting yarn4 mm crochet1 button


1) Let’s pull 6 chains . Let’s pin each and every socket from the second one chain steadily.

2) Let’s pull 1 chain and make a needle into the same socket and visit each socket with a needle until the remaining socket. Let’s double dip within the ultimate slot.

3) This Way, we continue to the remaining slot till we’ve 12 common needles, with a single sink to the others.

4 ) Let’s pull 2 ​​chains and wrap around. * Let’s jump and sink the opposite and pass the last of the loop during the middle one. Let’s knit the remaining loops together. Let’s get to the start and make a half handrail in the same place. * Let’s repeat the way in which of the * s like this. one? symbol =

5) Let’s knit the type part till the entire is 34 cm.

IMG_20200101_103852-scaled.jpg button-sheet-tape-making-2

6) Then with cuts lets get started. Let’s make widespread needles in each and every slot. Let’s knit the final slots together, dip it into the opposite slots as soon as and knit it.

EIGHT) Let’s proceed till 5 loops stay on this method.

9) Pull the remaining FOUR chains and slide to the closing slot Let’s cling the road.

IMG_20200101_104216-scaled.jpg button-sheet-band-making- 3

10) Let’s stitch a button on the other phase.

Our buttoned scarf is about!

Buttoned Hair Band Making

Buttoned Hair Band Making


Well Being on your palms!

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