Candy Beanie Making

Hello !!

Today I Want to inform you a great beret recipe, where you’ll review your higher threads.

it’s really easy to make and so enjoyable!

Come on at home Acquire all leftover wool and begin knitting with me in this cute beanie very quickly!

Allow all of the wool be valued, the kids will probably be glad.

Let’s start now!


Last at home wool (you’ll be able to additionally use the colorful Snowball Hola threads.) 4 mm needle needle Able-made pompom


Sizes are suitable for youngsters elderly 5-12.

1) We throw 90 loops within the bottle with the main color we wish to use within the beret.

I used the cream colour.

2) 8 rows of one/1, i.e. 1 inverted, 1 we knit flat rubber knitting.

3) 9. We knit all the loops in the row with our primary colour, and we knit all the loops within the back row, creating 1 teeth harosa line.

4) 11. we upload the first color we wish to placed in the again, we take 6 loops straight, 2 loops without knitting, we take 6 loops immediately, 2 loops with out knitting. I used inexperienced. We knit in this way until the tip of the road. We complete the sequence by means of making the final 2 loops of green flat knitting. So now 6 loops are inexperienced, 2 loops of cream, 6 loops of inexperienced, 2 loops of cream on the skewer.

5) We take 2 lotions within the back row with out knitting once more, all other loops are inverted we weave. that is, we take 2 loops in reverse, 2 loops without knitting, we take 6 loops in opposite, 2 loops without knitting, 6 loops in reverse, we take 2 loops without knitting. In this manner, we knit to the tip of the row.

6) We knit a complete of 6 rows as I described. Our first colour has been completed. We switch to our primary color again and knit 1 tooth harosha. In this fashion, we have created our first honeycomb.

7) We take our second colour thread and upload it from at the back of. I used pink. Since we can slip on the combs we’ve created, this time we take 2 loops with red color directly, 2 loops with out knitting, we take 6 loops immediately, 2 loops with out knitting, we take 6 loops instantly, 2 loops with out knitting. We knit in this approach until the tip of the line. We entire the series via making the final 6 loops of purple flat knitting.

8) We take 6 loops in the back row, 2 loops with out knitting, we take 6 loops in opposite, 2 loops with out knitting. In this manner, we knit until the tip of the row.

9) As I described, we continue to knit the beret until there are 8 combs within the colors you want. While the closing honeycomb is completed with 1 cream haraso line, we knit yet one more enamel.


10) We lower the selection of stitches in half via chopping all the stitches in duplicate within the next front row. We knit the entire loops within the back row flat.

11) We lower the collection of loops to 23 by means of reducing all of the loops 2 within the entrance row again by 2 each. We go back to the again row by means of knitting all the loops flat.

12) In front row, we reduce the selection of loops to 12 via slicing all of the loops 2 via 2 directly.

13) We remove all of the loops from the needle and cut back the loops with the assistance of a needle. We complete the back seam.

14) We stitch the in a position-made pompom to its most sensible.

Candy beanie is set to be used.


Well Being on your arms.

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