Car Bookends Making

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Gazzal Baby Cotton hand knitting threads;
Blue (3428) color thread
Black (3433) color thread2.FIVE mm crochetAbeslang / Picket stick Sturdy adhesive


Sh: Magic ring

X: Frequent needle

V: Build Up

A: Decrement

Hdc: Single handrail

Dc: Double handrail

Tr: Triple handrail

Zn: Chain


1) 17zn, 3x jump and 1tr into FOUR.x

2) Each x ‘until the top of the row 1tr, 3zn (14tr)

3) We sink into the frequent needle of the final handrail that we sank and make 1x.

Our automobile this is how we create the buffer a part of.


4) 1z, 1hdc, 1dc, we knit 1tr into every x till the top of the row. in this section, we knit the other a part of the chain. We return with 1zn.

car -books-brace-making-2

5) Starting From 2.x, we make 1hd, 4zn, 2x, THREE.x to 1dc, and x to 1dc and shoot for five occasions. We jump 3x and make 1x into 4.x and return together with your permission.

6) 4x into the primary chain part, 2x on the handrails, 3x at the 2d chain phase, x by means of the side section we come to the nook and end.

automobile -books-brace-making-THREE

Wheels (2 Items)

1) We pull 6zn and shape a hoop through sinking to the primary chain.

2) We pull it out and make it 9x, and end it inside the ring.

We attach the wheels to the automobile with robust adhesive. you’ll be able to stitch it for those who want.

We additionally stick the car to abeslan.



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