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Amigurumi Letters: R Made 0

Amigurumi Letters: R Made

Hello !! This time we came with the letter amigurumi R. we will be able to educate our kids the letters with wholesome toys. Let’s start making the letter R in combination! Materials Gazzal...

Amigurumi Letters: Making S 0

Amigurumi Letters: Making S

Hello !! In our Amigurumi Letters collection, it is the letter S! We Will train our children the letters with wholesome toys. Let’s start knitting presently! Fabrics Gazzal Baby Cotton XL Gray (3430XL) colour...

Knitting Cupcake Bookends Making 0

Knitting Cupcake Bookends Making

Hello ! Cupcake fans this recipe is for you. Let’s prepare the ingredients and let’s make cupcake bookmarks in combination! Meals Etrofil Bambino Lux Cotton hand knitting threads; Pink (70326) colour thread Crimson (70611)...