Classic Men’s Vest Making

We’ve Got introduced you an overly nice knitting development so that you’ll be able to simply knit your loved ones. Darkish Navy Blue (LT012) color ip8 button4.FIVE mm skewer


The Dimensions given are for L-XL dimension.


1) We Commence via throwing ONE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE loops.

2) We knit 12 rows of one reverse, 1 flat rubber knit. it’s crucial that you knit the primary loop in reverse. Thus, we commence with the opposite loop and finish with the opposite loop.

3) Then from the 13th row, we continue to knit the primary 6 loops as 1 reverse and 1 flat. We knit 7th, 8th and 9th loops the wrong way up. Then we follow rice weave * to 107 loops within the middle. once we come to the remaining NINE loops, we do as we do for the primary 9 loops. We knit the 117th, 118th and 119th loops, that is, seventh, 8th and 9th loops from the ground. in the last 6 loops closing, we knit 1 flat and 1 opposite rubber. We knit 1 straight, 1 reverse. within the same means, we knit the loops as they arrive back.

4) After knitting the first NINE loops for fingers, we take the 10th and 11th loops together and lower them. We do this harmoniously on each side of the braid. We subtract 10 from all sides, FIVE instances in overall. Our number of stitches is going down to A HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN.

5) After completing the cuts required for the armhole, we knit another 58 rows. After completing the 58th row, we divide the remaining A HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN loops into 30, FIFTY FIVE, 30. We take a bottle of 55 loops within the center and hold it. We knit the remainder 30 loops in the form of a 16 + 14 shoulder slope * and cling them at the spit.
* For 30 loops, we knit the first 16 loops starting from the collar and return. This makes the 30 loops seem -digit.


1) we begin by way of throwing SIXTY NINE loops.

2) After knitting 12 rows of 1 reverse and 1 flat tire, we observe our model. Again, it could be very necessary to start with a reverse loop. We continue to use 6 rubbers + THREE reverse weaves to the part so that they can sign up for with the back.
We knit the buttonhole button in the form of 10 rubbers + THREE back knit. just like at the back, we complete the arm play by way of reducing FIVE occasions.

For the neckline, we minimize the 2 loops in an instant after the reverse braids, similar to in the armhole. We make a complete of 21 cuts for the collar. When the collar is done, 43 loops will stay in our bottle.


We observe buttonholes to the left front phase. We make the first marrow in the course of the 11th of the tire. Then we open a buttonhole each and every 16 rows. After commencing the closing buttonhole, we knit 6 extra rows on it. Already the collar and arm carving are made after knitting those 6 rows. For this, we stay the loops on the skewers together (comparable to the sew). Then we minimize probably the most interior or outer loops from both pieces in combination. Then we placed the loop formed from this reducing into one in all the skewers and take THREE stitches from the items and cut THREE stitches at the same time.

After the shoulders are joined, it’s time to wrap the collar back and join it seamlessly. We continue to knit those 13 loops. On The Other Hand, in every row we knit the highest stitch we knit the other way up with one in every of the FIFTY FIVE loops of the again, which we up to now stored on the skewer. So, even as proceeding to knit the collar, we cut the 55 loops of the again at the skewer.

I lower the collar from each side. I selected to extend and merge in the center. I knit 27 rows on one side and 27 rows on the different. I minimize the closing loop within the heart at the same time as joining the 2 aspects of the collar, just like becoming a member of the shoulder. in this way, knitting joints prevent the shoulder and collar from status, as against the seam. Alternatively, if it sounds easier to you, you’ll additionally decide to sew.

Your vest is set when the buttons are sewn!

Make it simple


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