Colorful Easy Coaster Making

Hello ,,

We’ve introduced you a knit coaster type that you could make and end incredibly simply.

Let’s get started with those colourful coaster with its colorful construction!


Colourful Los Angeles Mia Mercerized Cotton hand knitting threads2.5 mm crochet Scissors

The Best Way To make

you’ll be able to get started with the required color thread.

1)   We Begin by making 10 needles into the magic ring.

2) We end up with 20 handrails on the finish of the row by making 2 double handrails to every loop.

3) We make 2 double handrails to every loop and finish with FORTY handrails at the finish of the row.

We switch to our different color thread.

4) We make 1 double handrail to the stitches and a couple of double handrails to the next 2 stitches, and end with 60 handrails on the end of the row.

And it’s done!

Health in your hand!

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