Colorful Patterned Vest Making

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Lady needed, she liked it, there’s no finish to what we will do with the motif!

This fashionable vest is one of them!

you’ll be able to simply mix this vest with your whole garments .

Let’s get started now!


Gazzal Child Cotton rope;
2 Honey Foam (3447) colour rope
2 Gray ( 3430) colour ip3 mm crochet


Sizes are suitable for 34-36 measurement.

The vest contains a complete of 20 women wanted and preferred.


It begins with gray color rope.

1) 12 double handrails within the magic ring (3 items double handrails, 2 chains) * 4 are made.

2) 24 double handrails (3 double handrails in chain spaces, 2 chains) * 4 is done .

Yellow colour rope is changed.

3) 36 double handrails (3 double handrails in chain spaces, 2 chain, related corners on the corners ere 3 double handrails, 2 chains, 3 double handrails) * FOUR are done .

3. step is finished in 2 rows with yellow rope.

Gray color rope will likely be modified.

4) 60 double handrails (3 double handrails, 2 chains in chain areas, 3 double railing, 2 chains, 3 double railing in the related place at the corners) * FOUR are made .

4. step is done in 2 rows with gray rope. The final row will likely be SEVENTY TWO double handrails.

Yellow color rope.

5) EIGHTY FOUR double handrails (Chain spaces 3 double handrails, 2 chains, THREE double handrails, 2 chains, 3 double handrails within the comparable position on the corners) * 4 are made .

A COMPLETE of 12 are constructed from this motif. Motifs are mixed and the again is shaped.


Motifs are knitted as described at the again.

1) A TOTAL of 8 motifs are made as 4 at the proper and 4 on the left.

2) Again face and front face motifs are mixed from the shoulders.

3) The back and entrance facets of the armpits are mixed via making THREE rows of lady’s needs.

and prepared!

colorful-motif-vest-construction colorful-motif-vest-development

howdy use.

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