Colorful Scarf-Beanie Making

Spend this iciness both colorful and heat with colorful knitting models.

do not need a shawl-beret go well with?

Let’s knit right away!


Snowball Elite Wool Grande rope;
2 Petrol Blue (K1467) colour threads
2 Yellow (K1321) color threads
2 Navy Blue (K630) color threads
1 pieces of Burgundy (K1105) color ip7 mm knitting needles



1) get started with SIXTY FIVE loops.

2) 2 directly and 1 reverse shaped rubber is knitted for EIGHT rows with darkish blue colour.

3) 10 rows of flat weave are made with dark blue.

4) 1 row of blue, 1 row of navy blue, 2 row of blue, 1 row of navy blue, 2 row of blue, 1 row of military blue knit flat.

5) 9 extra immediately weaves are made with Military Blue.

6) Decreases are started by way of switching to the blue rope. NINE stitches, 10-eleventh sew lower sequence is completed.

7) 2 lines of blue, 1 row of burgundy proceed to decrease till 20 loops remain.

8) The Tip of the beret is accumulated, sutured. a colourful pompom is made and sewn to the top of the beret. >


1) Start with 27 loops.

2) 39 rows knit with yellow.

3) 26 rows with burgundy 28 rows of knitwear knit with Military Blue.

FIVE) 26 rows of knitwear with Petrol Blue.

6) It Is knitted with 29 rows of yellow and weft is done.

hello use.

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