Combed Cotton Rope Basket Making

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Colorful and sweet with combed yarns; How approximately making a multi-purpose basket that you just can use for your jewellery, knitting and even breads?

For folks that nonetheless don’t meet Spagettiyarn’s delicious colors and easy knitting pleasure, our video is with you …

Let’s get started very quickly!


Spaghetti Combed Cotton Hand Knitting Yarn10 mm crochet


Combed Cotton Rope Basket Making

Combed Cotton Rope Basket Making


1. Knit ranging from the middle of the bottom. the hoop is shaped by means of wrapping the thread on our finger.

2. 6 common needles are made into the hoop.

3. 2 lengthy needles in line with needle it is knitted with frequent needles. a complete of 12 lengthy common needles are made. the following rows are knitted and finished via making use of the scheme given.

combed-thread-knit-basket-construction combed- rope-knitting-basket-making

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