Crochet Easy Snowflake Making

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Christmas is approaching, we don’t have so much in our traditions, but with the happiness of having a brand new year with family members, I embellish my house and like to have a good time the new Year.

It seems.

The taste of adornment is to provide and derive the salt already.

I came to you with an excessively easy snowflake motif that you can use in every multi-goal corner.

So let’s equip the crochet and let’s start!


L. A. Mia Mercerized Cotton White (2) color hand knitting crochet 2mm crochet


1. Pull the 6 chains and sink to the primary chain to create the ring.

2. Pass as much as the highest with FOUR chains. strong> 2 triple handrails are made inside of the hoop.

4. 2 chain handrails are made once more by means of leaving 1 chain area. a total of 6 double triple handrails are bought. The collection is completed in this way.

5. it is passed to the top row through pulling 6 chains. A loop is combined with a loop from the nearest space, leaving a blank. 5 extra chains are drawn and immersed in the next area. This sequence is done in this manner through pulling a chain of five and a series of 6. a total of 12 spaces consisting of 6 six and 6 five chains are bought.

6. it’s passed by pulling THREE chains to the upper row from the final submerged chain. the first ring is made from 2 triple handrails, 4 chains are pulled and the chain is sunk in the position where it was once began. 4 handrails are sunk into the large ring and six chains are drawn at the handrail and the chain is sunk on the aspect where it is began. Take the four handrails from the large ring again and this time 4 chains are drawn on it and the chain is attached to the place to begin. 2 more of the 3 handrails are made to the massive ring.

7. 3 chains are pulled and 1 loop is taken from the 5-ring loop. 3 more handrails are drawn and a 3-handrail is made to the ring created with 6 chains. Here, we make 2 triple handrails and 4 chains are made on it, we will be able to be repeating precisely the first step. In this fashion, the series is knitted to the end and closed.

tig-heat-easy-snow-snowflake-making tig- heat-easy-snow-snowflake-making

you can get assist from the video to peer extra.

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