Crochet Knitted Earring Making

Hello ,,

We got here to you with a very easy and really trendy knit earrings model.

you’ll make this knit jewelry style that you just can simply and briefly knit to your self or your family members.

Let’s get started!


L. A. Mia Pastel Cotton Cream (L050) color hand knitting yarn3 mm crochet ScissorsEarring hookJewelry ringJewelry nailWooden beadsJewelry pliers

how you can make

1. Let’s make 8 common needles into the magic ring. Let’s close the hoop with a loop shift.

2. Let’s get started the second row by way of pulling 1 chain. Let’s make 1 needle to the similar loop. Let’s make needles to 5 stitches subsequent to it.

3. Let’s start the 3rd row through pulling 2 chains. Let’s whole the sequence by way of making 1 double handrail and 1 chain for each loop.

4. Let’s pull 1 chain and return Let’s complete the collection via skipping one stitch in among and making 4 chains and 1 needle to each loop.

5. After slicing the rope and hiding the excess threads, let’s use wooden beads and earring hooks.

Our earring is set for use!

Health to your hand!

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