Crochet Popcorn Shawl Making

Hi everyone!

Really Easy to make and with a gorgeous scarf, I Am here.

Crochet popcorn shawl will fit your needs very well!

This Let’s get started knitting the comfortable scarf instantly!


Snowball Angora Natural hand knitting threads1.1 mm crochet


First Row

1) First we pull 6-7 chains. We make a spherical via making a combining method.

2) We fill the interior of the circle by means of pulling THREE chains by way of making 2 triple handrails. There are 3 handrails with the chain.

3) Then we pull THREE chains and again make 3 more triplets within the related hole.

FOUR) We pull FIVE chains and apply the similar operation to the same hollow. In different words, we make 3 triple handrails and shoot 3 chains and once more we make 3 triple handrails and finish our first row.

you can see detailed in the picture.

tig- isi-popcorn-sal-yapim-1 tig-isi-popcorn-sal-yapim-1

We call this type water stone.

We make 3 triple handrails, 3 chains, 3 triple handrails (water stones).

tig-isi-popcorn-sal-yap imi-4

2) 5 chains we pull and sink within the center. Again, we pull FIVE chains and carry out the previous operation.

Popcorn will also be discovered within the photographs beneath. We pop up the popcorn 4 occasions as in the symbol and collect them directly.

you can get lend a hand from the visible for the places you are going to make popcorn.


tig-isi-popcorn -sal-made-7




It’ll sound slightly complicated whilst advised however you’re going to take note significantly better at the same time as doing it.

That’s it!

tig -isi-popcorn-sal-yapimi-11 tig-isi-popcorn-sal-yapısı-ELEVEN

Well Being in your arms!

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