Cute Rabbit Pencil Holder Making

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We’ve Got prepared a very lovely, very adorable pencil holder recipe for you.


1 piece of Loren Herbal Cotton White (R001) colour hand knitting yarnA small amount of black and crimson yarn2.FIVE mm crochet Zipper


Zn : Chain

X: Needle

Hdc: Unmarried handrail

Hdcv: Building Up unmarried handrail (make 2 unmarried handrails to at least one loop)

Dc: Double handrail

Tr: Triple handrail


We knit with a white thread.

1. we begin through pulling 28 seconds.

2. We skip the 2zn and finish the row with 3hdc, 23hdc, 4hdc, 24hdc sew shift to the same hole.

3. most sensible with 3zn we line up, 4hdcv, 23hdc, 4hdcv, 24hdc, 1hdcv loop shift We end the row with e.. > 5. We cross up to the top row with 3zn, we finish the row with 8hdcv, 31hdc, 8hdcv, 30hdc loop shift.

We make 2 of this piece, we combine the edges and base through loop stitching, we stitch zipper to the mouth section. .


We knit with black thread.

1. We pull 13z and loop the first 3 chains, pull 3zn and the same Through doing a loop sew to the opening, we proceed as 3zn, 3 sew scrolls until the end of the row.

We stitch the items we knit into the pencil holder. We process the nose with a pink thread beneath the lashes.

Ears (2 items)

We knit with white thread.

1. we commence via pulling 15zn.

2. We finish with 2x, 3tr, 3dc, 3hdc, 3x turn, 3x, 3hdc, 3dc, 2hdc, 2x loop shift.

We make 1 and fix it to the zipper. if you desire, you’ll practice blush in the ears.

That’s it!

cute-rabbit-pencil-making cute-rabbit-pencil-making

Well Being to your hand!

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