Daisy Brooch Making

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In at the moment of the yr whilst the chilly climate makes itself really feel excellent and nature takes on the best of white, I mentioned, let’s knit a daisy brooch in order to warm our hearts just a little and wink a little bit in the spring.

You If You wish to join me, this is the recipe!


Snowball Amigurumi rope;
1 Yellow (K331) colour rope
1 White (K010) colour thread
1 piece Inexperienced (K1390) colour thread 2.5mm crochet needle Needle


Sh : Magic ring

x : Needle

v : Increase

zn : Chain

dc: Double handrail

cc : loop shift

Part Popcorn : Similar Making THREE half-double handrails in the hole and accumulating them all without delay.



Ranging From the middle section with yellow colour.

1) 6x into Shp

2) (1x, 1v) * THREE = 9x

The white colour rope is began to knit the leaves of the chamomile.

3) 1 part popcorn is made to every needle. a total of 8 part popcorn is made. Lastly, the needle is made as cc and blended.


Green colour is knitted with thread. is pulled back, ranging from the second time, 8x

2) The fourth loop of the stem for the leaf is handed and 4zn is pulled back, the go back is x, 2dc, x

The brooch pin is sewn to the middle, and the daisy brooch is completed. For Those Who stitch it, you can make a daisy crown.

Delightful braids.

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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