Dry Head Beanie Making

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Nowadays I Will Be Able To inform you a few simple jacquard beret fashion that you just can knit for young boys.

you’ll follow this recipe for 14-15-SIXTEEN years old. What you ought to listen to when knitting jacquard fashions is that you must run the thread from the back. Whilst knitting one colour from front, make certain you play the other color from the back.


Snowball Child One rope;
1 Black (K940) colour rope
1 Gray ( K1000) colour ip3.5 mm skewer Wool needle


We Commence with black colour thread.

1) Bottle 108 is stitched and 12 rows 1 opposite, 1 flat tire is knitted.

2) Flat knitting is began in thirteenth position. 14th row is knit the wrong way up, 15 row is straight, 16th row is knit upside down. we are imposing the following scheme with the grey rope in the seventeenth row.

And we make the variability I marked with the red arrow 6 occasions in total at the time.

” 585 ”

3) After the skull determine comes out, we knit 20 more rows with our black thread.

4) Then we continue to subtract. We knit 10 loops, we minimize the 11th and twelfth loops to the left, we knit 10 loops, we minimize the 11th and 12th loops to the left …… We do this till 9 times of all loops are completed.

5) We do no chopping within the back row, and we complete the order via opposite knitting the entire loops.

6) We knit 9 loops in the subsequent row, the tenth and eleventh loop to the left. we knit, we knit 9 loops, we knit the tenth and eleventh sew to the left. We repeat this procedure until all loops are finished.

7) We do no slicing in the again row, and we complete the order by reverse sewing all of the loops.

8) On This approach, we proceed to cut till NINE loops remain in the whole needle.

9) When 9 loops remain in the needle, we cut the thread and thread the needle into the end. We move the needle during the loops and contract. Then we whole the side seams.

Health to your hands.

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